Features of Sales365cloud

Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of every companies. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge. Sales365cloud has a wide feature index and have helped many businesses in an organized manner. Here are some of the most important features of the leading CRM software.


Centralise and manage all of your online campaigns in one convenient location with our Marketing Automation tool. Our Sales Funnel module helps sales team to forecast,focus,prioritize & win high probable sales opportunities. Successful and reliable sales forecasting is a key element of any sales strategy, and this is where our system really comes into its own.


Plan Task with team. Or you can assign task to perticular person. And also follow up details for that client you can store. In this module you can view log call of that client so any person get exact idea about that project. If group discussion or event is necessary for that client or product, you can create event for that client(project) and others which are involve in this project they are see that event. Using management tool user can manage organization and many branches at one place.

Inventory Management

Sales365cloud extends beyond the traditional CRM functions and enable complete sales cycle management features by integrating online inventory management features. Such as Products,Vendors, Sales, Orders, and Invoices with the Sales related modules such as Leads, Accounts & Contacts, and Opportunities. Barcoded imprinted Receipts makes it easy to enter the information in system fast and error-free.

AMC [Annual maintenance contract]

We provide AMC Module in which you can add,view starting date and ending date of contract. You can assign contract to perticular person with notes related to project. You can view whole details of client so any person will assume the project motive. It manages all your customer details and their product purchase information. AMC module keeps track of all the information related to a particular annual maintenance contract which is accessible by just one click of a computer Keyboard.

Complain Management

Once a customer brought your product, each time he/she contact you for support you need to log a complaint with ticket number so as to track the complaint till it`s resolution up-to customer satisfaction.

Mobile CRM App

With Android mobile apps you can work from anywhere, any time. Mobile CRM App helps sales team to access the complete CRM in the mobile phone. Sales Team can view daily plan, update customer visits & update daily sales reports. The mobile CRM app has all relevant information such as leads, opportunities, customer contacts such that the salesperson can effectively close the sale.

CRM - loyalty card

Credit Management - Allow client to use your application without pay full payment of that application. In this tool save that client information with due amount and due date. After that day if client doesn`t pay full payment system will autogenerate mail and text and send to client for left payment.

Budget Management

Budget tool give you functionality to save your targeted budget information about that project. You can also save team information which work on that project.

Campaign Management

In this tool user can store information related exhibition, event spend exact cost. Also store covered cost so you learn how much money you gain or loss from that exhibition or event.

Rights Management

(Whom data see whom)

Rights management tool useful to User so that he / she gave rights level wise. Like if you are company owner then you have all rights to add, view,edit or delete any content but if you are Employee then your rights are limited. Rights management also gave employee department wise.