Sales365cloud - Mobile Application

Never let a contact or communication missed. Get a real-time insights into your followups, customer engagement, and customer actions. Dashboards allow you to visualize trends in sales, and contact the customers on the move: Intitutive dashboard to easily drill down to data, Add new leads, updates and reminders, Call leads directly from the mobile app, Secure cloud connectivity to core application.


This module indicates that everyone on the sales team can easily see and interpret the data, right on mobile devices, to make better, more informed decisions.

Auto Backup

We are use cloud storage to store your valuable data and it has inbuilt auto backup functionality.

Lead Management

Rating functionality included so that anyone know about how important lead is.


Review pertinent facts about the pending deal right on mobile app.


Anyone view whole details about company.


Mainly used for store billing information company or person wise.


Quick-Views--an informative toolbar showing you the most important information regarding a contact.

Work Order

Assign work order to persons and review them using mobile app.


View complain status or progress and how much complain occur.