Modules of Sales365cloud

Sales Automation

Sales365cloud provide software that automate each and every task in the function of Sales.Right from order processing to order tracking, managing information, contact management, inventory management (monitoring and control), customer management, sales analysis and employee performance evaluation. Sales365cloud is time-saving, improves performance and in turn revenues, and takes care of customer service resulting to repeat customers.

Lead Management

Sales starts with leads. Capturing, nurturing and tracking sales leads is essential to convert them into revenue generating opportunities.After lead convert into opportunity there were many other subtask available which named: Analysis, Proposal, Negotiation, Follow up, Task assign and Event.When task assign to team or person that lead was close it means that client is working with us.So, After close the lead client account was successfully open and team was working in that project.

Opportunity Management

The tool of Opportunity Management gives you the pearls of opportunities in sales. Pure leads are just basic information and that's meaningless unless it is filtered as per your company requirement. This analyzing and filtering job is done by this tool. It judges the leads and puts the qualified ones as an opportunity in the sales pipeline. Would you like to waste your time on meaningless and useless leads? Of course not! That's why this software is for you as your hundreds and thousands and even lakhs of leads are processed and filtered through this sophisticated mechanism so that you can focus on relevant information in a relaxed way. Thus in this way, this tool efficiently supports the sales automation tool function.

Task Management

If sales person has some query or occurs some problem to understand client requirement that time sales person use task management module and assign a task to the consern person to arrange meeting with client for further discussion.

The purpose of CRM is to reach client on right time. This module helps sales rep to manage their activities and reminds about the follow-ups.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management enables with planning and tracking the marketing activities. The collected leads can be stored into CRM that provides an accurate measurement of the marketing campaign's’ success.

Invoice Management

This tool is going to save you from a future headache. Managing invoices is the most boring and monotonous part of being in business. With your CRM software, you can now raise bills and invoices automatically. Once your order is finalized, the software will generate your invoice as per the quotation. Your invoice management can be automated by your CRM system end-to-end. You can even set alerts and reminders for your invoice due dates.

Mobile Application / Edition

Mobile Edition enhances the communication with clients. Being out of office, you can check out and update the information via different devices.

A CRM software with a mobile application can help you with customer data on the go. It can help take notes, change stage deals, reschedule appointments when you are away from your computer.

View meetings, events, and get account updates on the go with just one app. Access and update your CRM data anytime, even while offline.

Cloud / Data Store in Cloud / Cloud base System

Sales365cloud CRM uses the cloud-hosted delivery method vis-à-vis the traditional "on-premise installation". Technology allows hosted delivery or cloud computing and lets businesses gain a rented "anytime anywhere" access to their CRM systems. Most business leaders are going for cloud computing and the shift in CRM management has been an organic one. The prime benefit is that it charges the business on the basis of usage. Other than this benefit, there are faster implementations with contract lock-ins, improved uptime, 24/7 support and increased return on investment.

Barcode Integration

Barcode Module used to gather information related inventory and all. We will provide Barcode reader which helps to view your inventory and all other details and also we provide barcode gun which will generate barcode.Also you can use this barcode module for manage employee information.

Contact Management

Know every contact in your customer accounts.Access critical customer data including key contacts, communication history, and more quickly and easily with Sales365cloud. You’ll get a complete picture of all your customers, from insights about how to engage with them to deals they're involved in.

Access all of the account and contact data you need to keep deals moving, from anywhere. The Sales365cloud mobile app pulls in valuable social profile information from your accounts and contacts, giving you deep insights so you can walk into that important sales meeting with confidence.

Admin & Dashboard Module

Admin gave role Rights as per needed.Admin can send an alert to take a follow up for a perticular party.Admin can assign task for any executive and he or she will get that task on their dashboard autimatically.

User can quick view reports. Also it can view Lead, Opportunity and Payment schedule detail.Mainly user view all the details in list view as well as graphical funnel.

Purchase Management

Purchase Management module has three sub tools : Purchase order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Returns.

If you buy any assets or any valuable thing like: laptop, Car, Etc... then it`s entry would be store in purchase management.

Account Management

Sales365cloud CRM allows users to enter and maintain various demographic and other information about suspects, prospects and customers, and even other organizations like business partners, associations and competitors. Companies can be organized into hierarchies to track the ‘parent-child’ relationships of parent companies and subsidiaries at multiple levels.


Follow up - When client follow up due date comes in near by future then system gave you notification for that.

Task & Event - When task complition or event date comes in near by future then system gave you notification.


Sales365cloud CRM allows you to track your office assets like any vehicle if it is use for office work then using mobile application or web application you can track that vehicle.As well as we provide GPS vehicle tracking machine integrate with web and mobile application.